Baikal’skie chteniya 2017


Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations RF
A.E. Favorsky Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry SB RAS
Irkutsk National Research Technical University
Irkutsk Scientific Center SB RAS

Dear colleagues! We are pleased to inform you that Baikal conference dedicated to 60 anniversary
of A.E. Favorsky Irkutsk institute of chemistry SB RAS will be held in Irkutsk on August 27 – September 2, 2017. The conference program will include:

  • International conference on organic synthesis;
  • Baikal school-conference on organic chemistry;
  • Roundtable discussion on the development of fine chemistry.

The conference will be held in the picturesque territory of the cozy country hotel “Elochka” (Pine tree), which is located in the environmentally friendly place on the bank of the gulf not far from both Irkutsk and Baikal Lake.

The cultural program of the conferences includes the trip to Baikal Lake, the tour around Circum-Baikal railroad, visiting the restored historical center of Irkutsk and other entertainment events. The leading Russian and foreign scientists will attend the conference with plenary and key lectures.

Results of the conference will be covered in a Book of abstracts indexed in Russian Database of Scientific Citation.

Scientific program will cover the following topics:

  • Organic and elementoorganic synthesis on the basis of unsaturated compounds;
  • Medicinal chemistry;
  • Theoretical and applied issues of application of hydrocarbon and renewable feedstock;
  • Design of materials, including polymeric and their precursors, for advanced technologies.